A Trading Agent Framework Using Plain Strategies & Machine Learning

Despite the rapid growth of esports over the past several years, gambling on events has remained scarce outside of traditional betting markets. That may be changing in the near future based on a recently filed Sony patent, however. The patent is for an automated system that would allow PlayStation platforms to present betting odds to the player, and then allow them to bet and claim rewards if their bet proves successful. Rather, it refers to generic computer simulation devices from which a viewer can be presented wagers. Further, the odds presented to the viewer are calculated on the platform or online through analysis of past game analytics, or determined pari-mutuel. It imagines an esports event being shown via a cable or satellite source. A device, potentially even a PlayStation 5, would be able to present betting odds to the player based on past results from events featuring the same teams. That information would then be displayed to the viewer, potentially even using a virtual reality device, and these odds will change over time. The system doesn't just present waging odds, of course.

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Sony files patent that could allow sports betting on PlayStation

Neste trabalho foram desenvolvidos dois agentes de trading, DealerAgent e HorseLayAgent, de aliança com a framework supra mencionada. Os agentes mencionados atuam nos mercados Para Ganhar em corridas de cavalos do Reino Unido. Os agentes desenvolvidos foram submetidos a testes de viabilidade usando dados dos mercados Para Ganhar de corridas de cavalos do mercado de apostas Betfair, de Janeiro, Fevereiro e Maço de The world of online sports betting exchange trading is growing every day and with that people are trying to improve their trading by using automated trading. In analogy to the financial markets the buy and sell operations are replaced by betting for and against Back and Lay. This thesis describes a framework to be used to develop automated trading agents at Bet-fair sports markets using a Java programming interface. BetBet-fair processes more than five million transactions such as placing a bet every day which is more than all European stock exchanges combined. Betfair is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. For this thesis were developed two trading agents, DealerAgent and HorseLayAgent, accordingly with the presented framework.

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Somente as melhores estratégias podem gerar rendimento consistentemente. Os iniciantes precisam obter uma conta Betfair antes de começarem qualquer outra coisa. Melhore seu sistema de apostas de futebol fazendo ajustes. As chances de pré-corrida na Betfair se movimentam fazendo oportunidades comerciais lucrativas. As estratégias incluem probabilidades de swing trading e scalping na Betfair. Com o aumento das apostas online, também surgiu o aumento das trocas de apostas. O que é uma troca de apostas? Como as intercâmbios de apostas funcionam?

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