Luiz Carlos Prestes Filho to publish 30 interviews on game regulation in Brazil

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I have been carrying out activities in defense of the regulation of cash betting games, managed by the private sector in Brazil: Casinos, Bingos and Jogo do Bicho. The theme concerns democracy. For, since democracy is a universal political system, which is above ideologies and religions, the consolidation of democracy requires the full exercise of freedom. Even in the citizen's decision whether or not to place money bets through banks and public or private companies. In Brazil today, the government has a monopoly on gaming. This being presents itself as the guardian of morality. With the purpose of broadening the discussion, as of February 6, the newspaper Tribuna da Imprensa Livre will publish 30 interviews that I conducted with federal and state deputies, mayors and councilors, state and municipal secretaries, businessmen and workers, lawyers and teachers on the topic.

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