GTA Online: Saiba tudo sobre o “Diamond Casino”

Carlos Emerson Jr. Hoje foi nosso dia de Virginia Tech. E de arrepiar! Today was our Virginia Tech. After all, listening to BandNews broadcasting a live firefight between traffickers and police on the Mineira hillside, in Catumbi, in the northern zone, was a new one on me. It gives you chills! That was not fiction, that was really happening. Um senhor que ia para o trabalho, de ônibus, foi acertado por uma bala perdida. This happened this morning.

Que os jogos comecem

Militiamen are generally off-duty police, firemen, prison guards and soldiers. And O Mundo apparently gets information from them. But does not report that they are policemen. Weird, is it not? All that is registered is a group of men — in police uniforms — opening fire on the business district in what looks like an intimidation of local merchants. Dressed in police uniforms and carrying assault rifles and pistols, nearly 20 bandits tried to retake control of Carobinha, in Campo Grande, Eastern District, which is currently under the control of militiamen. Duas pessoas morreram e outras duas ficaram feridas. Two person died and another two were wounded.

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